Services & Prices

Mobile Car Wash Services

Basic Exterior Wash ($20-$40)

hand wash exterior


clean exterior glass

clean tires

clean wheels

towel dry

Basic Interior Cleaning ($30-$50)

clean/wipe-down dash

clean interior glass

vacuum carpet/mats/seats

Basic Exterior + Interior Cleaning ($40-$60)

wipe/clean/protect all interior trim (dash & door panels)

wipe door jambs

clean cup holders

clean interior glass

vacuum carpet/mats/seats

hand wash exterior


clean exterior glass

clean tires

apply tire shine

clean/polish wheels

towel dry

Hand Wax ($35-$55)

hand wax exterior using ultra-hard shell polish for best protection

Shampoo Carpet and Mats ($50-$70)

vacuum carpet

wet shampoo/scrub carpet

pressure wash mats

Shampoo Upholstery ($50-$70)

vacuum upholstery

wet shampoo/scrub upholstery

Clean and Condition Leather ($40-$60)

clean dirt/stains from leather

apply leather lotion conditioner

Complete Interior Detail ($100-$150)

deluxe interior cleaning

shampoo carpet

shampoo upholstery or clean/condition leather

vacuum trunk (must be empty)

clean vents

detail/clean cup holders

detail/clean door jambs

clean window tips/tops/edges

Complete Exterior Detail ($100-$150)

deluxe exterior cleaning

clean wheel wells

clean/polish wheels

apply tire shine

restore exterior trim (side mirrors/bumpers/trim)

degrease engine

Complete Interior + Exterior Detail ($175-$225)

save money by purchasing both interior & exterior detail together

Engine Cleaning ($15-$25)

spray engine with full-strength degreaser

pressure wash engine

Headlight Restoration ($40-$60)

restore faded/yellowed headlights

improve nighttime visibility